Tiger Army News Archive 2001

           Tiger Army's first visit to Europe/UK has been confirmed! The band will open for Dropkick Murphys and Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards on a 13-date tour that plays in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and all over the UK (with shows in England, Ireland and Scotland)! The tour begins on January 22nd in Germany and concludes in England on February 3rd. The band is very excited to finally make this long-overdue trip... check out the Gigs section for dates, venues and details!
           In more exciting tour news, Tiger Army will hit the road again in the States after returning from Europe for Hellcat's "Punks vs. Psychos" tour, which begins February 12th and continues through mid-March. It will take the band all over the U.S., along with Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards, Nekromantix, and for the second half of the tour, the Distillers! The first batch of dates & venues for this not-to-be-missed tour are now on the Gigs page, with more on the way soon!
           Nick, Geoff and Fred are all enjoying some time off right now, relaxing with family and friends. Everyone from Tiger Army wishes every one of you a happy holiday season. Stay up, stay psycho, we'll see you on the road in 2002!

-- December 21, 2001

           Thanks to all who came out to the sold-out show on Friday at the Galaxy Theatre in Orange County! Apologies to those who couldn't get in. Again our appreciation goes out to the loyal in Southern California...
           Don't miss the last Tiger Army shows of 2001 this Friday & Saturday! Come wreck away post-Thanksgiving boredom at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma (Nov. 23rd) and the next night at the Pound in San Francisco (Nov. 24th)! Go to the Gigs section for more info about the shows...
           We'd like to announce that drummer Fred Telles aka Freddy Hell is now an official member of Tiger Army! His solid, hard-hitting style is a very welcome addition to the band. For those who don't know, he's played every show since the beginning of the TSOL tour in July. When you see him at a gig, welcome him to the Tiger Army!
           The video for "Cupid's Victim" has been aired on two episodes of "120 Minutes" on MTV2! The show is on Sunday night and then plays again on Wednesdays. Should it be played again, we'll post it here if we can get advance word so you can check it out if you get the channel...
           The band is a little behind on taking care of merchandise orders. Things are getting back to normal after the DKM tour so if you're waiting for something, you should have it soon, thanks for your patience. Speaking of merch, check out the new zip-up hoodies that will be available at the upcoming NorCal shows...
           That's it for now, hope your Thanksgiving's a happy one, check back soon for news about upcoming tours and more-- TxAxNxDx!!!

-- November 21, 2001

           The tour with Dropkick Murphys and Sick Of It All has been fantastic so far and Tiger Army would like to thank the bands and the fans old and new that have come out to the shows, it's been an unbelievable time. The tour is now in California and continues through November 3rd. The show at the Maritime Hall in SF on Halloween has been canceled due to the venue losing its lease. Another venue is being searched for, and there is still some possibility that the show will happen at an alternate location.
           Two new shows have been announced for late November in Northern California! Tiger Army will headline in Petaluma and San Francisco after the DKM tour. For dates and details, check out the updated Gigs section.
           Speaking of shows, don't miss the Tiger Army show at the Galaxy Theatre in Orange County on November 16th! Unfortunately the Nekromantix are no longer playing as their U.S. tour has been postponed until next year. Nevertheless, this show is not to be missed as it will most likely be the last headlining show in Southern California for 2001, the band is taking December off for a well-deserved rest. If the shorter sets on the current tour aren't enough for you, make sure to catch this one! See you in the wrecking pit!

-- October 28, 2001

           The dates for the Fall Tour with Dropkick Murphys and Sick Of It All are now up! After the tour, Tiger Army returns to Orange County for a headlining show at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana! Check out the Gigs section for more details...

-- September 19, 2001

           Tiger Army will be opening for Dropkick Murphys and Sick of It All on a one-month U.S. tour starting at the beginning of October! The tour will start on the East Coast and end in Northern California in early November. All the dates will be posted in the "Gigs" section soon...
           Shot in June and directed by Nick 13, the video for "Cupid's Victim" is now online! To view it, go to the "News" section of the Hellcat Records website and scroll down to find it, or click here! The RealPlayer plug-in is necessary for viewing, a free download if you don't have it already.
           An archive of all the Tiger Army shows from 1996 to the present has been added to the "Gigs" section for those who are interested...
           Many thanks to all those who came out to the two sold-out record release shows at the Troubadour in Hollywood, both nights were a great time! For the first night's show, special guest Greg Leisz joined Tiger Army onstage for the first time ever to add his pedal-steel guitar magic to live renditions of "Outlaw Heart" and "Power of Moonlite." The second night Tiger Army played a different set with several songs that weren't played the night before. The crowd had amazing energy both nights and it was a great homecoming from the tour... Speaking of which, thanks also to T.S.O.L. and to everyone who came to the shows Tiger Army played with them in the Midwest and on the East Coast! We'll be back in October!
           Don't forget that the new album Tiger Army II: Power of Moonlite is now in stores everywhere! If you haven't heard it yet, check out the "MP3's" section, which has been updated with two songs from the new record that you can download free of charge! More news soon!

-- Aug 27, 2001

           The new album is finally here!!! As of Tuesday, July 24th, Tiger Army II: Power of Moonlite is officially out-- pick it up today wherever underground music is sold! 13 original tracks available on CD and LP (including 1300 colored vinyl copies). If your local record store doesn't have it in stock, ask 'em to order it!
           Tiger Army is on tour now! The "Gigs" section has been updated-- all the cities/venues for the tour with punk legends T.S.O.L. are now up, including: Casper WY, Denver CO, Minneapolis MN, Chicago IL, Detroit MI, Buffalo NY, Providence RI, New York NY and Long Branch NJ...
           Shortly after the Amazing Crowns tour, London May decided to leave Tiger Army. Drumming on all the upcoming shows will be Fred Telles of Union of the Dead. The band has NOT broken up and all announced shows are still on-- if you see it in the "Gigs" section, we'll be there! Thanks to all the people who came out to the shows in Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Seattle and NorCal on that tour, it was a blast! Hello to the Crowns and all the people we met, look forward to seeing you again soon!
           Tiger Army just returned from their first-ever tour of Japan which was a great success. MANY thanks to all the psychos, punk rockers and other assorted maniacs who made the trip to the Land of the Rising Sun one we'll never forget. Big ups to Japanese psycho band Battle of Ninjamanz (check 'em out!), Mitch SE and all the bands and friends we made at the Tokyo Big Rumble! We hope to return someday, the sooner the better!
           Tickets for the release shows at the Troubadour are on sale now! If you're planning on going, it's a good idea to pick up advance tickets. After the Midwest and East Coast with T.S.O.L., we'll see you back home in California-- 'til then, TIGER ARMY NEVER DIE!!!

-- July 24, 2001

           Tiger Army is on tour with the Amazing Crowns right now! Final confirmed cities: Denver, Ft. Collins, Salt Lake City, Portland, Seattle, Eugene and San Francisco... Check out the "Gigs" section for all the details! The "Gigs" page also been updated-- Tiger Army goes on a U.S. tour with T.S.O.L. from July 28th to August 7th and some of the dates are now up. More will be added, all of the dates that say "TBA" (To Be Announced) will be filled in with shows as soon as they are confirmed-- check back soon!
           The colored vinyl for the new LP will be pale moon-yellow and limited to 1300 copies...
           It's less than a month now until Tiger Army II: Power of Moonlite hits the stores-- please help out the band by making sure that your local indie store plans on ordering it!
           For those of you who haven't seen it, there's a new Tiger Army streaming Internet-video at the Hellcat Records website that includes an interview with the band and a live performance in 3-D!
           Tickets for the record release shows at the Troubadour go on sale at the beginning of July. That's all for now-- see you at the gigs!

-- June 29, 2001

           The "Gigs" section has been updated, Tiger Army is hitting the road! First up the band will be joining the Amazing Crowns on a section of their tour in the Western U.S. starting at the end of this month. Cities will include Denver, Salt Lake City, Seattle (probably), Portland, and San Francisco. In mid-July the band will play in Japan for the first time ever, including the Tokyo Big Rumble!
           After Japan, the band will join legendary LA gothpunk pioneers T.S.O.L. on a portion of their U.S. tour that will include some shows on the East Coast! Keep an eye out for these dates, they'll be posted on the site in the near future...
           Upon returning from the East Coast, the band will play two record-release shows at the Troubadour in Hollywood (Friday, August 10th and Saturday, August 11th) to celebrate the release of the new album, Tiger Army II: Power of Moonlite, out July 24th!!! Check back for more news soon-- TxAxNxDx!!!

-- June 8, 2001

           A free MP3 for the Tiger Army song "Incorporeal" from the new album is available at the 'Upcoming Releases' section on the Epitaph website right now! To go directly to it, click here and scroll down...
           More MP3's from Tiger Army II: Power of Moonlite will be posted on this site before the album's release, so please check back!
           A note for Tiger Army fans in Europe: The European release date for the new album is two weeks earlier than North America's-- it will be in European stores July 10th!

-- May 21, 2001

           The new album is done! Tiger Army II: Power of Moonlite has been fully completed and will be released on Hellcat Records on Tuesday, July 24th, 2001!!! The album will feature 13 tracks and be available on both CD and LP (including some limited colored vinyl). Check out the updated "Discography" section to see the new disc's artwork and tracklisting!
           In other site updates, five new picture sets have been added to the "Photos" section and there are a couple of new interview links on the "Info" page...
           The Troubadour show the other weekend was sold out almost before doors opened, many thanks to everyone who came out and made it such an amazing night!
           The "Gigs" section has been updated with more info on the upcoming Bay Area shows, see you there this weekend!

-- May 7, 2001

           New show added to the "Gigs" section, Tiger Army returns to the Troubadour in Hollywood on Saturday, April 28th-- get your tickets now! Huge thanks to everyone who came out to the show at the Galaxy Theatre and made it such a great night...
           Album news: Recording is going very well and should be wrapping up around the end of March, mixing is already underway on some tracks. The new album is entitled Tiger Army II: Power of Moonlite , official release date coming soon!

-- March 29, 2001

           The three shows with AFI this weekend were a lot of fun, but disaster struck on Saturday night in Santa Cruz when an idiotic kid shattered the bridge of Geoff's stand-up bass with an ill-timed stage dive. This occurred during the last song, bringing an otherwise cool set to a premature close. Tiger Army would like to thank whoever started or contributed to the collection fund for the basses' repair, it was a gesture that meant a lot.
           The band scrambled to find a replacement stand-up for the Sunday show with no luck, so the set was done Meteors-style with an electric bass. Geoff pulled it off with flair despite never having played the songs on e-bass and the set turned out to be very enjoyable after all! This was just an emergency measure however and the stand-up will be back for the next show. See you at the Galaxy Theatre this Thursday!
           The "Gigs" section has been updated.

-- March 13, 2001

           Tiger Army hits NorCal for three shows with AFI from March 9th-11th in Petaluma, Santa Cruz and Chico! Nick 13 is currently in the studio in Northern California recording vocals for the new album. Many songs are already completed as recording continues into March...           
A few friends have already come by to make guest appearances on the album: Davey Havok of AFI contributed some amazing backup vocals over two separate visits; Matt Freeman and Lars Frederiksen of Rancid dropped by one evening where they laid down backup vocals and Lars played some amazing slide guitar on the song "Power of Moonlite."
           Keep an eye on the "Gigs" section for updates in the near future, a lot of cool stuff is being booked all over California from March through May... See you in the wrecking pit!

-- March 07, 2001

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